Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sewing Contest Winners

I made an announcement on my Etsy Shop a few weeks ago asking for you to email me photos of your Frog Legs and Ponytails Sewing Pattern creations. I had over 40 entries and about 100 photos to choose from! I have been sorting through them all morning, trying to narrow it down to three. Let me tell you - that was not an easy job! You are all so talented and generous to share your photos with me. After much deliberation - here are the winners of the Carson Ruffle Top Pattern. I couldn't actually pick 3 - so I went with 4, what the heck!

I plan to do this contest again soon so I can see all your Carson Ruffle Shirt creations, too. I want to do a holiday themed one, also - sound like fun? So start stitching away for those contests. Thanks again!

Caroline Dress and Matching Dolly Dress
(actually, puppet in this case!)

Matching Caroline Dresses - too cute!

These girls are having fun in their
coordinating Caroline Dresses!

An adorable Artista Crayon Tote!