Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Doll Size Kyla Dress!

Now you can create a pint sized version of the Kyla Reversible Dress to match the girls sizes!

Receiving your Doll Size Kyla Pattern is Easy:

1. If you have previously purchased the Kyla Pattern, your will receive the update FREE! Just send me an email with "Kyla Doll Pattern Request" in the subject line. In order to verify your prior Kyla purchase, I will also need the following information: location of purchase (my website, Etsy, or other), date of purchase, your Etsy username (if applicable), and/or any other receipt of purchase from another site so that I can confirm the prior purchase. These will be going out to you quite soon so you can use up those scraps from your Kyla creations.

2. OR, the Doll Size Kyla Pattern is currently included in any new purchase of the Kyla Dress Pattern. This is available for $9.99 at my Etsy Shop or Website.

I am also in the process of adding a doll size pattern to the Happy Day Party Hat Pattern and the Maisie Skirt Pattern! Please watch for those announcements soon!