Friday, July 31, 2009

Absolute Poppycock

Absolute Poppycock - don't ask me what it means, but I love to say it! If my memory serves me correctly, I have heard that phrase about a million times while my kids were watching Peter Pan in the backseat of the van. I believe Mr. Darling says it to Mrs. Darling in regards to all Wendy's nonsense about Peter Pan. My oldest daughter just happens to have the world's most adorable crush on Peter Pan. She literally beams when you mention his name. I even made a ridiculous Peter Pan outfit complete with a feathered hat and elf shoes last year and she practically wore it out.

Enough about Pan, this post is about Ms. Daphne Whitley and her insanely adorable blog - Absolute Poppycock. She sent me the sweetest email about my Caroline Dress Pattern and shared some photos of the adorable dresses she made for her nieces. I love the way she used simple eyelet fabric to create a really traditional looking pillow case dress from the Caroline Pattern. It looks so classic and her photography is wonderful. I scrolled through some of her old posts and saw a hilarious hot dog eating photo that I loved and had to stop myself from spending the better part of the morning reading and enjoying the photos.

Thanks Daphne for letting me use the photo here and sharing your great work with everyone!