Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New - Happy Day Party Hat Pattern

I know you are all waiting for the Carson Ruffle Shirt pattern (close - I promise), but with the birthday party for my little one this month I couldn't resist releasing this pattern for you!

The Happy Day Party Hat Pattern
is such a fun way to personalize your little one's birthday party. They also make adorable gifts! Can be customized to match almost any theme and personalized with letters and numbers. These hats are so fun and easy to make, I couldn't resist making up 5 for pattern examples.

I can't wait to make more for the next party! My daughter wants an animal themed party and I am thinking zebra print hats with pink or orange feathers for the girls. And some giraffe or cheetah fabric (not sure if I'll have any luck finding that!) for the boys. Can't wait!

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