Friday, October 29, 2010

A Treehouse for My Birthday...

My birthday is tomorrow. I'm close to 30. (Who says close has to be "less than"?)

All week my family has been pestering me for gift ideas. When I say pester, I mean that in a loving, yet call screening sort of way. They literally won't take "nothing" as an appropriate response to the question. I have everything I need, most of the things I want, and unless they can afford to send me on a posh trip to the Figi Islands in one of those little thatch roof huts on the water with a peek-a-boo hole in the floor to the tropical fish and a personal waiter to bring me fruity drinks and mango - please, save your pennies for a rainy day! I want my kids to make me a card. period. While I totally appreciate the gesture, I have more stuff than I can keep up with in my house already:)

Ok, maybe a card AND a back rub from hubby that lasts more than 4 minutes. Is that being too greedy?

Then...I sat down at my computer to patiently wait for my embroidery machine to hammer out a last minute addition to my cat woman costume and I found this! It just makes me happy.

So this is what I want for my birthday. If anyone is still asking. Thanks;)