Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Estoy aprendiendo hablar español.

(That means - I am learning to speak Spanish.) I took an amazing trip in February with my sister to the Dominican Republic. This was the scenery on one of our excursions! I promise - this is not the stock photo that came with my computer. I took it with my cell phone nonetheless! Anyway, when we arrived at our hotel we were given the most delicious slushy drink. I tried to order it several other times (a day) during our trip, but always ended up with some inferior version of the original yummy rum drink. I vowed then to learn Spanish before the Punta Cana Girls Trip 2010! If not just to get the yummy rum drink, but to avoid some of the embarrassing events that occurred due to my naivety and lack of understanding of the Spanish language. (One incident - much to my sisters amusement - involved my handing over the room key card instead of the towel "ticket" to the handsome pool boy. The key and the ticket looked the same from where I was standing in line. All I wanted was a towel - promise!)

I got a new iPhone the other day and stumbled upon Coffee Break Spanish. You can download and listen to mini Spanish lessons on your iPhone while the kids are in swimming class! Jeez...what will they think of next! www.coffeebreakspanish.com . So, I am sewing two Kyla dresses for a friend right now and just touched up on Lesson 4 Spanish. I love to multi-task!